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      About Grand Rapids

      Get ready to be wowed - Grand Rapids never fails to surprise visitors with the huge variety of things to see and do here: World-renowned art, museums and historic sites for cultural vacationers. World-class golf, recreation and beaches for nature lovers. Incredible farm-to-table restaurants for foodies and wholesome "playcation" fun for families.

      It's all topped off by the most vibrant downtown between Chicago and Cleveland - all the benefits of a big city with none of the hassle.

      Check out more Things to Do in detail or explore what make Grand Rapids a Cool City!

      All about Grand Rapids!

      History of
      Grand Rapids

      From Furniture City to Beer City - Grand Rapids history is full of art and...

      President Ford & Betty Ford

      One of the most iconic couples, President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford spent...

      Grand Rapids

      Downtown Grand Rapids offers a variety of entertainment, dining, shopping...


      Grand Rapids has 8 distinct destination neighborhoods to explore each with...

      Grand Rapids Regions

      The Grand Rapids is made up of many surrounding communities with their own...

      Beach Towns

      Coastal towns with unique shops, beaches and lighthouses!

      Colleges & Universities

      Grand Rapids is a college town with at least 15 institutions of higher...

      EXGR Recognitions

      We're proud of our accomplishments - Check them out!

      Eco Friendly

      You live a green lifestyle and you want your travel experiences to reflect...

      A Grand Investment
      Ongoing series exploring the business landscape of Grand Rapids.
      Grand Rapids' Airport is Full of Art

      The Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GFIA, or GRR as it is known locally) became home to an impressive art...

      Experience Grand Rapids
      May 26, 2021
      Grand Rapids breweries within walking distance of the convention center

      Grand Rapids was first dubbed Beer City USA in 2012. Since then, its reputation, and the reason for it, has only grown....

      Experience Grand Rapids
      May 13, 2021
      Looking for walkability? Try Grand Rapids

      Downtown Grand Rapids is walkable – one of the top 14 walkable destinations in the U.S., according to a 2020 Trips to...

      Experience Grand Rapids
      April 21, 2021
      Grand Rapids Holds Its First Safe Face to Face Meeting

      Police chiefs from around the state of Michigan did something recently that most people haven't done in more than a...

      Experience Grand Rapids
      March 11, 2021
      Investing in Grand Rapids is Key to a Strong West MI Economy

      For decades, game changing building and revitalization projects driven by strong public-private partnerships have been...

      Experience Grand Rapids
      February 9, 2021

      The Rapid Exchange Blog

      Perspectives on enriching our community.