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      Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University


      Kendall College of Art & Design (KCAD) offers an outstanding education in a broad range of professional pursuits in design, art, and art history.  Faculty members are regionally and nationally known designers, artists, and scholars in their own right who freely share their experience in the studio and beyond.


      Kendall was incorporated in 1928 by Helen M. Kendall, the wife of nationally known Grand Rapids furniture designer David Wolcott Kendall. The school opened its doors in 1931, in the old Kendall homestead that stood among the lumber-era mansions in what is now known as the Heritage Hill area of Grand Rapids. Growth necessitated several moves before the college settled into its current downtown location in 1984. The school granted its first Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1971 and was certified as a baccalaureate degree-granting institution four years later. In 2000, the college completed a merger with Ferris State University. In 2013, the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (UICA) merged with KCAD. This partnership allows UICA to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KCAD, which lends operational and administrative support for its programs and events.


      KCAD offers Bachelor degrees in various areas of study, from product design and interior design to painting and art history. It also grants Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Design, and Master of Architecture degrees, as well as an MBA Certificate in Design and Innovation Management. KCAD also offers dual enrollment programs at high schools throughout Michigan. Current graduate programs offerings include: Master of Arts in Design, Master of Architecture, Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies, Master of Fine Arts Painting, and Advanced Studies in Design and Innovation Management Certificate.


      About 92% of KCAD students are from Michigan - roughly 36% male, 64% female. Fully, 80% of students attend full time. Most classes have a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1 or better. A variety of housing is available, from loft spaces right next door to the campus, to live/work studios right down the street. 


      KCAD is located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, in the midst of a dynamic cultural scene that provides exceptional inspiration and opportunity to students.


      Visit the Admissions Website
      Contact the admissions office
      Email kcadadmissions@ferris.edu
      Call: 1-800-676-2787 or 616-451-2787

      Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University

      • 17 Fountain St. NW
      • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
      • (800) 676-2787
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