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      Travel Blog

      Six respected travel writers contribute to our My Experience Grand Rapids blog, sharing their adventures in and impressions of our fair city. They write about art, food, music, family playcations and whatever else strikes their fancy.

      The blog is a great place to uncover unique story angles. We also welcome Guest Bloggers who want to share their Grand Rapids experience.


      My Experience Grand Rapids Blog

      Your Guide to Craft Pass GR

      Craft Pass GR is back – and this year’s celebration of the area’s vibrant craft beverage scene is bigger, better and...

      Experience GR Team
      June 22, 2021
      10 Reasons Grand Rapids is America's Craft Beverage Capital

      These days, most everyone who enjoys good beer knows that Grand Rapids produces some of the country’s finest brews. But...

      Experience GR Team
      June 22, 2021
      Your Guide to Celebrating Pride Month in Grand Rapids

      Pride month is celebrated every June, and is an entire month dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and the...

      Rick Jensen
      June 10, 2021
      Locally Owned & Operated LGBTQ+ Businesses to Check Out

      With COVID-19 putting a halt to many pride celebrations around the world, Grand Rapids included, you may be looking for...

      Rick Jensen
      June 10, 2021
      Studio Park in Downtown Grand Rapids Has Something for Everyone to Enjoy

      It can be hard to please everyone when planning an outing. Some people want to go out to eat, while others might want to...

      Amy Busse
      June 1, 2021
      Sample Exclusive Wines & More With This GR-Area Wine Tour

      A new tour around Grand Rapids might be a perfect activity if you love wine and are looking for a fun way to spend time...

      Rick Jensen
      June 1, 2021
      Six Day Trip Destinations from Grand Rapids

      Summer is a great time to explore all the amazing things to do right here in West Michigan. Visitors will find that...

      Experience GR Team
      May 26, 2021
      Locals’ Guide to Ice Cream Shops in Grand Rapids

      Has there ever been a more perfect pair than summer and ice cream? During the hot summer months, your sweet tooth will...

      Matthew Makowski
      May 21, 2021