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      Find the information you need to know when planning a meeting in Grand Rapids. See safety guidelines, requirements, travel updates & openings.

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      Planning Tools

      Meeting and event planners know that a successful conference needs more than educational seminars and good food. The Convention Service Team knows how to maximize the attendee experience for your conference and has these helpful planning tools to help.

      Local Service Providers

      Use this list to find affordable and reliable service providers in Grand Rapids to help with your event.…

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      Grand Rapids Maps

      Attendees need to be able to navigate their way around town, we have various maps that will help them get around every part of downtown, including the enclosed skywalk. Contact your Convention Services Manager today!…

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      Calendar of Events

      You might be interested in using the calendar of events to find out what else is happening in town during your conference or event.…

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      Travel Information

      Whether your attendees are flying or driving to Grand Rapids, this travel information will help them navigate their way.…

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      Venue Locations

      Grand Rapids gives a meeting or event planner a chance to think outside of the box and hold a reception outside the meeting and conference space in places like a baseball stadium, art gallery, or even a courtyard with a 24-foot bronze horse.…

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      Suggested Tour Ideas

      Grand Rapids is a great town to explore. The Convention Services Team can offer assistance with tours, customized itineraries, and more.…

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      Transportation Coordination

      If you are planning on moving your group to different activities and events throughout the city, our team can help with transportation coordination.…

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      Official Welcome Letters

      We offer personalized letters of welcome to your attendees from the area Mayor and President of Experience Grand Rapids. Contact our team.…

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      Community Service Project Ideas

      A shared, active experience with positive goals can be fun and energizing for attendees and benefit the host city. View the link for a list of Community Service Organizations based in Grand Rapids.…

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