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      Downtown Market Grand Rapids

      Grand Rapids is Michigan’s Best Food City, according to Thrillist – and one of the best places to get a taste of our creative, diverse, farm-fresh and delicious food scene is the Downtown Market.

      Home to 20+ artisan food shops plus full-service restaurants, hands-on cooking classes, community events, rooftop greenhouses and more, the Downtown Market is the preeminent regional destination for innovative food experiences.

      Fun with Food

      Shop for everything from meats to sweets. Grab lunch, dinner or a cocktail. Learn how to make delectable dishes from around the world. Celebrate the joy of food and  drink alongside fellow foodies. It’s all at the Market!

      Accessible and Eco-Friendly

      Downtown Market Grand Rapids is accessible to wheelchair users and seeing- and hearing-impaired visitors. It’s a 15-minute stroll from DeVos Place Convention Center, and it’s a stop on downtown’s free DASH and Silver Line buses. It’s also the first LEED-certified market in the country – so you can feel good about the food and the facility.


      • Getting Around: The interior paths are wide and level.

        There is a large elevator to the second floor by the north entrance.
      • Wheelchairs:
      • Accessible Parking:
      • Accessible Restrooms:
      • Signs with Braille:
      • Large Print Materials:
      • Automatic Doors:
      • Parking: Downtown Market Parking Lot at 435 Ionia Avenue SW. — 0.0 miles from the venue.
      • Sensory: The interior spaces have a noticeable echo, and noise levels may become pronounced during peak hours.

        The interior spaces are very well lit.
      • Entrance: There are four Main Entrances to the facility. There are power doors with a button at the north entrance near the parking lot. The north entrances are located on a large outdoor patio. There is a ramp that provides access to this patio from the parking lot.
      • Seating: Table and chair seating as well as bar seating is available near the dining options on the first floor.

        There is abundant table seating on the second floor, with options available on the outdoor second floor balcony.
      • Restrooms: There are large Men’s and Women’s multi-user style Restrooms on the second floor with accessible stalls. There are no restrooms on the first floor.

      Downtown Market Grand Rapids

      • 435 Ionia Ave. SW
      • Grand Rapids, MI 49503
      • (616) 805-5308
      • Learn more ?