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        Beer City Brewsader PassportBrewsader App on iPhone

        Are you a beer buff? An ale enthusiast? An IPA aficionado? Then you may have what it takes to become a Beer City Brewsader® – download the Beer City Brewsader app (Google Play and Apple stores) and earn a collectible t-shirt to wear with true brew pride by visiting area breweries! Join the Brewsade® today. Already a Brewsader? Become an Ultimate Brewsader!

        Download on the App Store Download on Google Play

        Become a Beer City Brewsader!

        How do I become a Beer City Brewsader?

        Download the Beer City Brewsader app at the Google Play or App Store (click on either icon above). Use the app to check in to any eight (8) of the 40+ Brewsader breweries in and around Grand Rapids. Once you do, we’ll award you an exclusive Brewsader t-shirt to commemorate your adventures.

        How do I know which breweries are Brewsader breweries?

        They’re all listed in the app and at the bottom of this page. Most every brewery in Kent County participates … and a few in neighboring counties, too!

        Does take-out count towards my Brewsader check-ins?

        Yes! Right now, we encourage you to support Beer City in any way that you can. Many breweries are offering take-out and can provide the Beer City Brewsader password to you when you pick up your goods. Keep in mind, the Brewsader app uses geofencing technology, so you will need to be physically located near the brewery in order to check in.

        How do I get my t-shirt?

        You can claim it digitally or in person. Answer the survey that pops up on your screen after checking in to 8 breweries or click on the word “Brewsader” under Current Level on your screen. Follow the instructions and we will mail your shirt to you.

        Alternatively, you can pick up your t-shirt in person at the Company Store inside Founders Brewing Co. (235 Grandville Ave. SW). Fill out the form in the app and then show your confirmation email and app status to the staff at the Company Store to redeem.

        One t-shirt per person.

        What if I have a paper Brewsader passport?

        We are no longer supporting the paper version – but the good news is you can easily transfer your paper stamps into the Beer City Brewsader app. Download the app and click on the brewery where you collected a stamp. Then click “Check In” and select the Image Check In option. Take a photo of your passport stamp. Repeat this for each stamp you’ve earned.

        Once we approve your submission, your previous check ins will count towards your ongoing Brewsader journey. Approval can take 3-4 business days, so be sure to submit images prior to your next Brewsader outing!

        Can I still use the paper passport?

        No, the paper version is as obsolete as a discontinued beer.  You can save it as a memento, recycle it, sell it on eBay or pass it on to your heirs … but you can’t use it to collect stamps anymore. The Beer City Brewsader app is the only option for recording your brewery visits.

        Can I earn multiple t-shirts?

        Sorry, only one t-shirt per person – it wouldn’t be very exclusive if people could get their hands on three or four and give them away to just anyone. But you can continue to check in to additional breweries to become an Ultimate Brewsader.

        Is there an age requirement?

        Yes – you must be at least 21 years old so you can legally drink at a Brewsader brewery. But there’s no upper age limit, centenarians are welcome!

        I’m visiting the area. Where should I stay when I’m working my way through your breweries?

        A number of local hotels offer Beer City Packages that include special rates and beer-themed perks. You can also choose a hotel that matches your location, budget and amenity preferences

        Can I visit breweries without having to drive myself?

        Guided beer tours are a great way to visit multiple Brewsader breweries without getting behind the wheel. A variety of transportation services – including public buses, free shuttles, rideshare, taxis and more – are also available.

        Why is Grand Rapids the home of the Brewsader?

        Because Grand Rapids is Beer City. We won that title in a nationwide poll of beer-lovers. We’ve been named America’s Best Beer City and America’s Best Beer Town by USA Today. This truly is a global beer destination – and people from around the world have joined the Brewsade®!

        What’s this about a Brewsade?

        The Brewsade is the global movement to patronize Grand Rapids-area breweries and become a Brewsader. Yes, we said global – there are currently more than 20,000 Brewsaders across every state of the U.S. and around the world. Will you be the next member of this elite crew?

        How can I share my Brewsade?

        Connect with Experience Grand Rapids and other Brewsaders (and Brewsader wannabes) via social media:

        Facebook Icon Instagram Icon twitter-bird-white-on-blue

        We love to see photos of you wearing your Brewsader t-shirt in other states and countries!

        How do I become an Ultimate Brewsader?

        Check in to at least 40 Brewsader breweries and you’ll attain Ultimate status. Once you check into your 40th brewery within the app, your status will change to "Ultimate". Show this status within the app to receive exclusive deals, discounts and other perks.

        Click on the widget below to explore current perks – and check back often for new ones.

        What if I already have an Ultimate Brewsader wallet card?

        We have retired the wallet card and now use the app as your digital pass to access perks. If you have the original wallet card and were not a previous app user, please download the Brewsader app, create a login under “Breweries” and then email BeerCity@ExperienceGR.com with your:
        • full name
        • year you became an Ultimate Brewsader
        • photo of your wallet card
        We’ll arrange for in-app certification of your Ultimate status.

        The other option is to transfer all 40 of your paper stamps to the app via the Image Capture method outlined above. That may take awhile, we suggest having a beer at the ready!

        If you already attained Ultimate Brewsader status within the app, there is no need to follow the steps above.

        Ultimate Brewsader Deals

        Official Beer City Brewsader Breweries

        The following breweries are official Beer City Passport participants. Download the Beer City Brewsader app and get started today!

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