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      Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

      The Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum is currently closed.

      Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States wasn't born in Grand Rapids - but he was raised here and represented the city in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1949-1973. Richard Nixon selected him to replace Spiro Agnew as Vice President in 1973, and Ford assumed the Presidency less than a year later in the wake of Nixon's resignation.

      All of this and more is brought to engaging life at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in downtown Grand Rapids.

      Permanent exhibits include a full-scale replica of the Oval Office, a Watergate gallery, interactive Cabinet Room, 1976 Bicentennial display, and a section of the Berlin Wall. Additional exhibits pay tribute to the life and influence of Betty Ford, who is credited with paving the way for modern First Ladies.

      The Museum also hosts major traveling exhibits and develops its own temporary shows. Notable exhibits have included "Slavery on Trial," "America and the Cold War," and "Bob Hope: An American Treasure."

      The President and Mrs. Ford are buried on the grounds of the Museum, on a hillside spot that attracts a steady stream of people paying their respects to our native son and his dear wife.

      Virtual Tour of Museum

      Explore the inside of the museum with this unique tour.


      • Family Restrooms:
      • Wheelchairs:
      • Accessible Parking:
      • Accessible Restrooms:
      • Signs with Braille:
      • Hearing Impaired Access:
      • Automatic Doors:
      • Getting Around: There is a courtyard and water feature outside the entrance. The courtyard connects to the parking lot to the south, and to Ah-Nab-Awen Park to the east.

        There are no steps along the parking lot side of the courtyard. There are steps along the park side of the courtyard. The water feature uses steps as a design feature. Viewing the feature from the north or east, and getting near the main design elements requires using these steps.

        The routes through the venue are wide and level.

        There is an elevator in the entrance lobby that provides access to all floors.
      • Parking: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Lot at 303 Pearl Street NW. — 0.00 miles from the venue.
      • Sensory: The venue is quiet.

        Some of the exhibition areas are dimly lit.
      • Entrance: The Main entrance has manual doors with door closers.

        The entrance is flush with the sidewalk.
      • Seating: There is bench seating available.
      • Restrooms: There are Men’s and Women’s single-user style restrooms with clear floor spaces present on the second floor.

      Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

      • 303 Pearl St. NW
      • Grand Rapids, MI 49504
      • (616) 254-0400
      • Learn more ?